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introduction about 250w kit


Hello, all the friends

This is Faith and this time, I tell you something about electric bike kit.

First, it includes the parts: motor, controller, PAS, brake lever, thumb/twist throttle, grip and controller box. You can choose LED or LCD display for your kit.

Second, the kit has won many certifications such as CE, ISO9001,SGS and so on, it has many honors

Maybe you all want to know why I need this kit?

That is the third part, you can convert your bike into ebike.

1. If your girlfriend is a little overweight, can it is difficlit for you to ride her for a long time, this kit can save you.

2.If you think it is a little hard for you to ride for a long time, this kit can help you.

3.Most importanted, it will not cause fine, but scooter may cause fine.

I was fined because of scooter, that is really a unforgetable experience.


So many conditions you need the kit, you just need $109 to get the siamplest kit, then you will like the feeling: Just liking dating with someone you loved


Phone:0086 15895062656

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