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 Jun 21, 2018|View:470

This Ching Ming Festival, I with boyfriend went to Shanghai to celebrate my 8-year friends---Yang Yans birthday.

During this trip, we went to three places: SAN LIN, RI YUE GUANG and TIAN ZI FANG.


We must go there because my friend Yang lives there. We arrived at the High-speed railway station at about 8.45 p.m.

It is dark outside. I want to say that I really go outside very seldom. It takes about 30 minutes to fine Underground Line 1 station, it is really difficult.

After arriving at SAN LIN, it is about 10 p.m. We stayed at her home and talk about the place we went to have dinner. Luckily, we find a store opens all 24 hours. The day we arrived is her birthday, so I took some photos for her(she does not know), so the pictures are really natural, even a friend in my wechat said she is really so beautiful that he loves her in his first sight. Maybe I can open a dating company for introducing girls/boys meeting each other(Just joking)

We finished the dinner near 1.am in the next day, maybe too many days do not see each other and too many words to express. We did not sleep almost the the whole night just talking talking and talking. I do not know why girls have too many words. But we slept at last for we need energy for tomorrow.


On the second day, we went to RI YUE GUANG and TIAN ZI TANG. They are closed to each other, otherwise, we can not go two places in one day.

We wake up at 7 a.m because of clock.( I forget to close it) But we are tired and do not want to get up. We stayed on bed for a while. After getting up, we take some photos and I think they are really cool!

After a photos, we go to a shop to see some clothes, but finally, we just buy one cloth. But my boyfriend looks so....Smart??? Hahahaha, really so cute.

The lunch, we had hot pot. Not very delicious, but it is ok. I enjoyed it. Most importantly, they look cool. I like this type! Oh, nearly forget, we four people have enjoyed ice creams(one is Yangs friend), do delicious! I like dessert, very very very much! Actually, my boyfriend do not allow me to have desert in Changzhou, I only can have dessert during trips. Because I need to loss weight,and when we outside, too many things we did not see before. I can have a try. Of course including delicious food.

I am worried about my weight, maybe I will get married this October, but I can not married in this weight. It is not beautiful to wear the wedding dress. But I can not control my mouth when I saw delicious food. Really press.


This is really a magic place here, so many shops with different types things to sell. It is really big here. We did not do everywhere here.

In my memory, we went to silver shop, fish bite feet shop, drawing show, lipstick college... The most impressive shop is Childhood. Maybe many foreign friends can not understand, But as a 90th Chinese person, this is really a very interesting place and we saw many snacks we saw in our childhood. Not only snacks, but also toys.

Surprisely, I saw some foreigners there, maybe they were affected by our passion because the shop is small but it is full of people. It is not easy to walk in the shop.

You can not feel the atmosphere if you did not go there yourself. Hahahaha.

Shanghai is a very magic place, it worth everyone to go there.

At least --- one time.

So, maybe foreign friends can visit there in May.

There is a exhibition in Shanghai for electric bike kit, if you have chances to do there? You can contact me on 008615895062656.(Whatsapp is the same)

I will show you a different Shanghai.

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