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Pay attention to these three points. Keep away of crashing.
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In the process of participating in the cycling competition, we are blindly pursuing speed and are easily injured. So how do we better protect ourselves and reduce the possibility of injury when we participate in cycling competitions?

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First, one week before the competition

In terms of diet, we need to eat more carbohydrates such as noodles and taro. Because, in the process of riding, our body needs a lot of carbon water to provide energy. Three days before the competition, we should try to eat lighter and eat more vegetables. The body is the capital of the revolution, and the good physical condition is the foundation of our situation in the process of riding.

In terms of training, try not to carry out overloaded and intense training, and don't let the body get too tired, so that we can play the best state in the game.

Second, the warm-up stage before the game

Before the game, we were nervous and the muscles became stiff, so it took about 30 minutes to stretch the muscles. In addition, warm-up training should be done to make the cardiopulmonary function enter the state, promote blood circulation, maintain muscle excitability, and reduce the possibility of muscle damage or physical discomfort during the game.

Make sure the bike is in good condition and double check four aspects:

1. Check if the quick release is locked to avoid the situation of the bicycle during the ride.

2. Check the tire for damage and residual metal glass.

3. Check if the chain is in good condition, the situation in the game is unpredictable, and the riding strength is much larger than usual. If the chain has potential hidden dangers, it is easy to break the chain or jam the transmission during the game, resulting in a safety accident.

4. Check if the brakes are in good condition and need to replace the brake wires.

Third, the game process

Pay attention to changes in the body, and if necessary, take appropriate mitigation measures. For example, if you have signs of cramps, be sure to stop or reduce the strength of the pedals and pull on the cramps.

Although the competition pursues speed and pursues achievements, we should still put safety first, strictly abide by traffic rules, and not retrograde.

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