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Suggestions for riding in Summer
 Sep 12, 2018|View:1132

Suggestions for riding in Summer

Summer means you have more time to ride outside, but hot weather can bring a series of challenges such as dehydration, which will quickly reach your limits and slow down your riding performance. But then again, a little bit of heat is not enough to say that you completely give up cycling, remember the following six methods, let you calmly deal with hot weather.

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1. Self-adaptation

Dr. Stacy Sims, founder of Osmo Nutrition, said: "The biggest mistake for those who ride on a hot day is to ride on the heat without preparation." If you can't adapt to the hot weather, you can't get from training. Get a lot of benefits, and it will consume more energy and increase the risk of injury. So, you can choose to ride in the coolest hours of the morning or evening, or adapt to the hot weather when you are not riding. It is a good start to report a hot yoga class or steaming a few saunas.


2, self-protection

Sunburn is more than just burning the skin, Sims said, including fatigue and speeding up metabolism. The latter sounds like a good thing, but speeding up metabolism also increases the body's need for water, which can be problematic in hot weather because it is difficult to maintain body moisture. Everything you can do to prevent sunburn, such as applying sunscreen, wearing a sweatshirt with sunscreen, shorts and sleeves, wearing a cap on the helmet.


3. Plan ahead

To prevent your water from getting hot and hot as soon as it gets outside, you can first freeze a bottle of half full and a bottle of one third of the water, fill them before departure (mountain bike can be in the water Add ice cubes to the bag). If you are riding long distances, you should think ahead of time to add cold drinks. Drinking cold drinks helps lower your body's core temperature while improving your riding performance.


4, keep wet

Putting ice into your sweatshirt may be more enjoyable, but please don't do it. Sims objected to this: “Ice blocks close to the skin, causing the blood vessels to contract, causing heat to return to your core.” If the core temperature rises too high, your cycling performance and physical health will be adversely affected. Instead, the right thing to do is to pour cold water on your neck and arms or use a wet towel to wipe it, or put a cool towel in your pocket. Just soak, wring, and sip to experience the coolness. Cool.


5, mitigation training

Don't try to keep the same pace or power. This should be chosen for a modest training day, said Derick Williamson, co-founder and bicycle coach from Durata Training in Austin, Texas. "Once Fahrenheit and relative humidity add up to more than 130, we will turn the power range back to 10-15 watts," he said. "If you have been doing training for 220-240 watts for 15 minutes, then it will become 205- 225 watts, or we will reduce the training time to 10-12 minutes." If you play in a hottest condition, reduce the warm-up time by half or more. If you don't pay attention to power, then put your RPE (self-inductive strength, is an indicator to measure your training effect, RPE from 0 to 10, indicating different training levels, monitoring your training during aerobic exercise) A good and simple method of strength.) Levels are adjusted back to, for example, from 9 to 6.


6, correct hydration

If you are going on a long journey, then eat some fruits and vegetables that are rich in water (such as watermelons and grapes) in the days you are preparing, Sims said. Sodium can help the body to lock in moisture better, so you can drink some electrolyte drinks during cycling, which can be calculated according to 10-12 ml per kilogram of body weight, such as a rider weighing 150 pounds (about 68 kg). A 20-ounce (about 585 ml) electrolyte drink should be added in one hour. By the time the bike is over, Sims recommends that some protein-based beverages will replenish the body's waters faster than the single-carbohydrate type, because the protein can carry moisture and be absorbed by the muscles. If you choose to drink boiled water after cycling, you can pair it with snacks or meals that contain protein, carbohydrates and nourishment.

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