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Mid motor or hub motor?


Mid motor kit/ Hub motor kit, which is better?

At present, the power assisted motor system on the market can be roughly divided into a center type and a hub type. The center motor is a motor in which the drive motor is mounted in the five-way position of the frame (integral-integrated and five-way plug-in type). The motor is connected to the vehicle body and transmits power through the chain and the rear wheel. The hub motor refers to a motor in which the drive motor is mounted at the wheel hub position, and the motor directly acts on the wheel set.

For sports cars, the integrated mid-mounted motor is undoubtedly the best choice.


First of all, the motor drive system is located at the five-way frame of the frame, which will not affect the front and rear weight balance of the whole vehicle. For the full suspension model, the center-mounted motor reduces the unsprung mass, and the feedback of the rear suspension is therefore more natural. There are inherent advantages in off-road control.

Secondly, the replacement of the wheel set is relatively convenient. If it is a hub motor, it is difficult for the rider to upgrade the wheel set by himself, and the center motor does not have this situation. The player can purchase the frame group to DIY himself, which greatly increases the playability. At the same time, excellent and efficient wheel sets can also reduce transmission losses and greatly improve endurance.

Thirdly, in off-road riding, the impact of the center motor on the hub motor is smaller, so it is more advantageous in terms of protection, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the motor and reducing the failure rate.

For non-sports models, the choice of hub motor does not require major changes to the traditional frame structure, coupled with low cost, it is easier for the commuter to accept.

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