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Some thing learnt from Messi


First, I need to say, I am not a fan of football, even not a fake fan.

But it is too popular that I heard something about Messi.

Argentina failed Croatia as 0:2.

Many people can not believe this is the result!

It caused a hot so I read some articles about the game.

Some people compared Messi and Ronaldo.

Many people find that Messi is just a very outstanding player but Ronaldo not only a good player but also a good leader.

Football is a cooperative game, it works as a team and everyone is very important in this game.

Just as a company, everyone from boss to the staff, all very important.

As a boss, if he/she just too serious or too loose are not good.

As a technology, if you do not have enough experience and do not cooperate each other, that is not good.

As a seles, you do not try your best to finf the customers, it is not good.


All I leant is that: It is really important to cooperate with each other!

We will never win with oneself. 

Only in a team, you can make the best.

And, we Agile, is one of the best Team!

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