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Some tips for Canton Fair
 Apr 28, 2018|View:185

We arrived hotel on 17th 3:00 a.m in the morning.

It is really late then.

Actually, we only in the fair for one day. We do not have a booth, but just vist it.

1. The fair is really really really big. So all the visitors must plan in advance. Where are you going to visit, you need to arrange it in advance. At the same time, you also need have an idea about the fair. Otherwise, you must be lost in the exibition, because a chinese guy, I was lost for about three times in a day. To be outside, safety is the most important.

2.Keep enough rest. We were arrived at 3.00 a.m. So it is a little tired to visit the fair at 8.00. So the brain stops thinking, or maybe can not think, just go and see but do not know how to communicate logically. It is really important to prepare a thinking mind in the fair.

3.Build trust with your customer is the most important thing. We just visit the canton fair, but we also want ot ,maybe catch a customer. But we did not find any customers. In the afternoon, I find a customer who is very interested in the e bike. I think he is my potencial customer. So I followed him for a while and want to talk with him even for a while. A last, I nearly lost him so I run to him from his right side bravely. I talked to him and expressed that I can provide him electric bike kit and I want to change the business card with him. He looked at me with suspicious eye contact. At last, I gave him my business card and he do not give me his. And I know he will not contact me because I can read that he do not trust me. Actually, it is my fault to exchange business card with him in a hurry, I should tell him more about our factory and products. Then maybe him will not look at me in that eyes.

4. I want to appologize to that friend, maybe I afraid you, but we really can provide you the electric bike kits and we are a factory. Our website:www.agile-elec. com.

Hope that you do not think me as a cheater again.

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