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Introduction about Agile


 Agile has three parts:

1. electric hub motor factorywith 6 years’ development and experience, this part can provide fantastic motors.


Motor process: Iron core--Insulating paper(to prevent electric leak)--Winding(different voltage and power have different numbers)--Inset bamboo stick(to keep the insulating paper closed)....

                      if you have interest, I will make it into a text to show you.

2. bicycle parts factory, with over 10 years experience, this part provide provides the parts for the bicycles, it is very impressive by many machines.


This is a part machines in it, if you are interested in it, I can make a introduction for you.


3. Kit convert factory, this is the factory for converting the motors and testing the kit before sending out.


 This is the most common place we are in, we will send the kits out here.


So if you have needs, you can place your order to us without worries, we can do it because the strength of our company !            




Changzhou Agile Electric Technology Co., Ltd

ADD:2 longhui Road, high technology Park, Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu

Phone:0086 15895062656



Facebook:Faith Zhu



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